cologne 04/05/04

welcome to my little australian tour diary. at the moment i`m still in cologne, wondering how to play all those gigs with 20 kilo luggage allowed on the plane. so every record to bring should be carefully chosen!
in about a week i`ll start to update this site with some pictures and stories from down under. so visit again if you like to.

gigs, so far confirmed:

08. 05.: sydney - respecta selecta @ moulin rouge
10.05.: monday musiquarium on bondi fm (
14. 05.: katoomba - respecta selecta @ tris elies
15. 05.: sydney - good vibrations
22. 05.: sydney - nu jazz for the jet set @ cricketers hotel
30.05.: melbourne - the prince (with mo`horizons)
03.06.: byron bay - the great northern (with mo`horizons)
04.06.: brisbane - family (with mo`horizons)
05.06.: sydney - flow motion @ bondi hotel (with mo`horizons & russ dewbury)
11.06.: melbourne - first floor
12.06.: melbourne - croft institute
18.06.: sydney - the fringe

sydney 13/05/04

just a quick hello to let everybody know that australia is true paradise and i'm having the best time ever. pics and stories about the first gigs will be here on monday. the vinyl vibes radio show will soon start again live from sydney, bondi beach on & bondi fm.
have a good time!

sydney 14/05/04, 12 h

here`s a short summary of what has happened so far. as there`s so much going on I can hardly find the time to write some lines or edit the photos. i will try not to tell too many things, you can read about them in every travel book on australia, but instead to focus on the people I meet, club life, radio, producers & djs. please forgive me if sometimes my enthusiasm about the country and people causes me to extend my descriptions a little bit.
the photos related to this text will be online soon, so please check back if you like to.
adventure started friday the 9th in frankfurt when entering the plane. i immediately experienced something I would later judge to be a typical australian way of openness and friendliness. the cabin crew was extremely welcoming and made me forget about all my fears on the flight. 21 hours passed amazingly fast with a little exotic stopover in singapore which for the first time in my life gave me the possibility to breath some tropical air on the outside terrace and notice that things like a spa and a prayer room can be natural parts of an airport as well.
my friend, promoter, host & soul brother number 1 "toon" picked me and ati & saskia (who I met on the plane) up at sydney airport and drove us to bondi beach to get our first australian sunrise. we ended up having some welcome drinks in a 24 hour bar and catching a little sleep to be prepared for the first gig on the very same day.
with a little stopover at the loft, a lovely venue at darling harbour we arrived at "moulin rouge" for the 3rd edition of "respecta selecta" a freestyle night with the tiki two, peter (who`s also the promoter) regal and me dj-ing.
moulin rouge is a former striptease bar in typical red velure late night style with a good sound system and a nice crowd. it`s located in the middle of a red light area with lots of sex shops and topless bars which reminded me very much of the reeperbahn in hamburg in it`s mixture of red light and clubbing.
as I later noticed regal aka paul is a part of the wiseguys & the bronx dogs, having produced one of my favourite classics "too easy". what an honour to meet and dj with him. he played a great funky set and left me a packed dance floor to continue. night passed away easily with 500 guest having fun and even some vinyl vibes guests from cologne showing up. we ended up with some coronas and friends at the promoters place which had an amazing view of the sea where I later the day fell asleep on the sofa.
the following few days saw me mostly partying, meeting people and starting to explore what I`d call the most beautiful city I ever saw in my life. in little time gaps I managed to do two interviews, one released in 3d, a local weekly "what`s going on" magazine and one I did very tired and in a hurry for "in the mix" which you can read at: on monday I played a little set at bondi fm, a local radio station, located right on the famous bondi beach. you can enjoy the view of the sea whilst spinning. what an enjoyable way of doing a radio show! it will also host the vinyl vibes radio show for the next few weeks. you can listen to it on the internet on bondi fm and the new broadcasting dates will be on this website soon.
tonight adventure continues, going to the blue mountains to play at a place called "tris elies" and tomorrow guesting at "good vibrations", a long running night in sydney.
in the next weeks I will try to let you take part in what`s going on and also introduce you to some australian djs, producers, locations, like the tiki two, ennio styles, trevor parkee and regal, just to name a few, bringing interviews, pictures, fresh produced music and interesting links on this website. also some friends from europe will be around, like rainer truby, mo'horizons or russ dewbury, who will join me on gigs, radio shows and travel and will be part of the adventure as well.
so far I`d like to give big shouts to toon & ben and their lovely families for hosting me, liz for arranging all this, georgia for being gorgeous, ati & saskia for being crazy and all the very friendly folks I met so far giving me a very good time.

sydney, 14/05/04, 16 h

from trevor parkees newsletter that just dropped in:

"next weeks in flight entertainment will be a dj that i spent many crazy nights of music and drinking in cologne, germany is karsten john ... "

trevors radio show that i will join is on tuesday nights from 22:30 - 0:00 h sydney time (14:30 ? 16:00 h in europe) and you can listen to it on the internet as well. it`s called "departure lounge" and broadcasted on radio 2ser. there`s a radio stream button on the bottom of the page.
but i cannot really remember what the story with the drinking is about ...

sydney 17/05/05

will start broadcasting the vinyl vibes radio show live from sydney tonight. the show found home in the lovely studio of bondi fm, probably the radio station with the greatest view ever, right on bondi beach. there will be a live broadcast on bondi fm at 0:00 h local time, which is 16:00 in europe and (hopefully) on as well at the same time. guests on the first show will be "the tiki two" who lately grabbed a lot of attention with a bootleg 45 called caravan/white wine in the sunshine which was sold out in a minute and played by lots of influential djs like gilles peterson or quantic. tonight the two will present the various influences found in their amazing record collections, from bollywood, exotica to nu beats, jazz and funk. also we`ll hear some exclusive new tracks, the two of them just produced. if you are listening live drop us a line in the monofunk chat.

last weekend was big fun again, starting with a trip to the beautiful blue mountains to play at a place called "tris elies" in katoomba. once more shared the decks with regal and local resident flava dave at who`s house in the mountains we stayed later the night. the dancefloor was packed all the way through and I turned out to play a lot of funk 45s plus some jazz & latin flavours. if you`re ever around that area you should give the club a visit for some funky beats and a lovely crowd!
the next day we took a little drive through the mountins and toon gave daves 3 year old son miles some scratching instructions on childrens records. he showed lots of natural talent, so watch out for him in - mmhh, let`s say 15 years.
dropped in at the loft again on the early evening where toon was spinning together with lovely singer liz rendall. she`s a big, big talent with an amazing voice and i`m happy to announce that a great track she just produced together with toon will be out soon on my very own vinyl vibes label (i might give it a first spin at tonights radio show). later played a set at good vibrations, a long running and very popular night in sydney with different music styles presented on three floors.

alice springs 18/05/05

of a few days to see the rock. back in sydney on saturday to join trevor parkee on his "nu jazz for the jet set" night. looking forward to that!

sydney 24/05/05

just noticed that the monofunk site is offline. but tonights vinyl vibes radio how can be heared on bondi fm 16 h european time. special guest will be trevor parkee, local dj well known for his extraordinary taste and collection. more on latest adventures soon.

sydney 27/05/05

went to the basement, a local jazz club, to meet some friends on tuesday. suddenly i`m standing in front of this guy who looks quiet familiar to me. i ask "excuse me, but are you mark murphy"? he goes "yeah". me once again "are you that mark murphy who released an album called 'rah' in the 60s"? - "yes, that`s me". i could not believe it! one of my heroes, who`s music i always loved and played in clubs! as i then found out he just had a gig at that venue and i had missed it. what a shame! so tonight we`ll drive to katoomba to catch the last chance hearing him before going on tour with mo`horizons on sunday. really looking forward to that!
more of what happened so far + some pics here on saturday.

melbourne 31/05/05, 11:50

just 15 minutes before leaving to the airport again. played my first gig with mo'horizons yesterday and it was big fun. also joined by lovely locals kano & ennio styles who i'll meet again when revisiting here in two weeks we had a great night at the prince of wales. so looking forward to more adventure to come. expect pictures soon.

byron bay 02/06/04

of course we missed that flight (it had to happen at least one time) but a great night of partying was worth the failure and a lovely helpful young lady at the airport luckily gave us 4 new tickets to brisbane for free. so now we are staying in byron bay for a few days, to relax a little bit before the tour continues with gigs in byron bay, brisbane and sydney on the weekend. and what a place for a few days of ... great weather, food, landscape, beaches, ... .did a show with toon for local radio station bay fm yesterday playing a 2 hours back to back set with funk & soul 45s. got some nice incoming calls and toon did a little give away having a dinner for two with myself in a fast food restaurant of the winners choice as top price ...
a lot of things happened so far, including the amazing trip to ayres rock through the northern territories, driving to the mark murphy concert in the blue mountains and hanging out with him and the band after the concert, playing little sets here and there with my mate trevor parkee on his radio show and his now 6 years running night at the cricketers arms hotel called "nu jazz for the jet set", or just cruising around sydney with tiki two's ben gilmour in his 60s v8 whilst listening to his extraordinary selection of easy listening tunes. some nice pictures have been taken, expect them soon on sunday or monday.

byron bay 04/06/04

what a night! played at the sold out great northern hotel and had one of the best parties ever. lovely local promoter 'tone' did a great job arranging everything and all people involved had a really great time. also he booked some dancers doing some shadow dancing behind a screen. very nice, especially as we where djing on the other side of the screen ...
my set started with all possible mistakes. first the cd player did not work, so i missed the end of the last track. then i did not realize that the crossfader was on and after a really bad mix the needle broke on one turntable and went just straight over the record to it's end. total silence and 500 people look at me probably thinking 'who's that idiot and what is he doing on the stage'. but then everything just turned out to be great. what a night ...

brisbane 05/06/04

the local promoter sent a rolls royce with a driver to pick us up in byron bay. not to bad, i could get used to it ;-). but i seriously though that they where bigger ...
after having missed another flight toon is still with us in brisbane. all three of us promised we`d take care of him catching the first flight to sydney in the morning to prepare the "flow motion" party at bondi hotel on the very same day.
we played at a club called "empire" which was a bit more stylish than the other venues and i was not that sure if it would be ready for some vinyl vibes. there was a lounge area and a separated dance floor room and the resident played uptempo funky house which made me even more feel like being at the wrong place. but after a few tracks the dance floor was packed (did not really find out where all these people suddenly where coming from) and instead of ending at two o`clock as planned we had to be kicked of the decks when the club closed at 4 h, having had a great back to back session with toon, the mo`ho`s and myself. and again it was a pleasure to welcome some nice people from cologne, as on every gig so far.
back in the hotel it was impossible to wake up toon, so ralf and myself had to carry him to the outside of the hotel on the blanket he was sleeping on and get a cab for him. what a picture! he later called from the airport to say thanks and let us know that he got on the plane.

sydney, 05/06/04

arrived in sydney totally tired and a little bit ill. after my set at "flow motion" at the bondi hotel, accompanied by the great ali omar on the mike i just took a hotel room in the very same building to finally catch a little bit of sleep and recover from past efforts. woke up having a flu and spent the next few days in bed recovering, with a short interruption playing a gig at my second home the loft on sunday and saying good bye to the mo`horizons. what a great time we spent together in australia!
if you are around sydney don`t miss a chance to go to the loft on sundays for some really nice music in a great venue, often combined with live musicians. was a great pleasure playing there, though feeling quite ill.

melbourne 11/06/04

back in melbourne to play two more gigs. changed my return flight from sunday morning to tuesday evening to get a chance to explore the city and meet with rainer truby who`s expected here on sunday night. met with kaman aka ennio styles for dinner and we had a great chat about music & life. he`s just one of those truly lovely people you are sometimes lucky to meet on your travels. he later invited me to stay at his place for my extended visit. will play a one hour set for his radio show stylin on rrr on monday which will be broadcasted on friday the 18th, 12 h midday australian time and can belistened to on the internet as well.

melbourne 15/06/04

what a weekend! played at the first floor on friday, one of the many nice places in melbourne. compared to sydney, melbourne might not be as beautiful, missing all the wonderful beaches, but it`s nightlife definitely shows a greater variety of cafes, bars and clubs. probably due to the fact that the alcohol licensing here is more liberal and people seem to more concentrate on creativity in terms of design, atmosphere and music when it comes to their venues than having to earn huge amounts of money to pay for all the licenses.
played after the concert of a local band named "brown hornet" that performed a mixture of funk, jazz and rock. first time since a while that i had the chance to play a whole 2 1/2 hours set on my own, what i really enjoyed and after a short warm up period the crowd followed me through all styles, from drum`n`bass and broken beats to old`n`nu school funk, jazz, latin & brazil. working was a bit difficult as the dj set up was located on the wooden (and mostly packed) dance floor which constantly made the records groove & move in the rhythm of the dancers, not to talk about them hitting the table (or even leaning on the record player while wanting to chat with me one time ...). but what an enjoyable night!
got to know local promoter ajay the next day, who was responsible for arranging all things in melbourne. what a champion! had a nice, not to busy night at his place the croft institute, a funny bar on three floors, one being designed like a laboratory, the other one looking like a gym. accordingly the crowd did some exercises on the dance floor and i decided to take my chance to play all the soul & funk 45s I did not play too much before.
after having missed him in sydney the day before i hooked up with rainer truby on sunday night, accompanied by james and rob from sydney who i met there before. we had a funny dinner and then went to revolver, a quite strange but lovely place that on the weekend is opened for 24 hours. again it was kano and ennio styles warming up and both played amazing sets that filled the dance floor and set everybody in the mood for a long night of dance & fun. rainer played a hell of a set and surprised everyone with being quite deep and sometimes even a bit techy. i managed to persuade him leaving me a cd copy of the brand new louie vega remix of "allegre 2003" and am looking forward to spinning it on my farewell gig in sydney at the fringe, friday the 18th.
met some nice people and spent the next day enjoying the hospitality of kaman and his lovely girlfriend catja.

sydney 16/06/04

nearly missed my flight back to sydney for spending to much time in a record shop. check out northside records if you are ever around melbourne for an amazing selection of old and new records.
now looking forward to my farewell gig at the fringe, oxford street on friday. do not really want to go home on sunday ...

some questions to trevor parkee:

name: trevor parkee/el chino

dj since:
late 80's, on radio, then with all funked up collective.....

located at:
bently bar,crwon street,surry hills

prefered music styles:
old and nu jazz, bossa and funky sambas...from japan and europe and of course Brasil

club - nu jazz for the jet set,cricketers arms hotel,surry hills,every saturday...
and with international guest spots
radio - departure lounge/tuesday nights/10:30 to midnight/2SER:107.3

in the pipeline:
august 1st/jazz rooms/brighton /UK w. russ dewbury
duty free shopping in dubai and london....

recent top 5:
in the sun/sleepwalker feat. bembe segue/especial
the mast/rsl/wesley music
brave world/studio apartment/new world
first joy/boris carloff/red salamanda
frontin'/jamie Cullum

all time top 5:
new morning/kitty winter
skindo le le/alive/alive
upa neguino/edu lobo/zazueria/meta ross & nippe sylwens band/click
runaway heart/baron von ohlen quintet/creative world

five spots in sydney to go to for a first time visitor:
lady mcquaries chair/sydney harbour
discovery records/hornsby/records
cricketers arms hotel/nu jazz for the jetset
jujus japanese restraunt/karoke and sake......
silver spring restraunt/haymarket/yum cha

some questions to regal:

paul eve (dj regal)

dj since:

located at:
sydney, since 2002 - previously london

prefered music styles:
hip hop, funk, disco, nu-jazz & jazz breaks

respecta selecta, the loft, boogie down & numerous guest spots
bondi fm mondays 6 - 8 pm (

in the pipeline:
new ep, solo album, live dj mix albums (regal @ "africa bambaataa" jan 04 & at "funktrust" june 04)

recent top 5:
1. dj regal (hey, that's me) - rock the funky beat (feat. dj mark walton) - white label soon
2. jazz liberators - any of their 3 eps - quality downbeat & hip hop
3. the sound providers - an evening with ... - new lp, usa / mid 90s style jazzy hip hop inc. inst's
4. chango - annonymous 12" (us?/europe?) / killer afro latin dancefloor workout
5. top rocking - cosmic broadcast ep / very cool hip hop, inst's & female vocal tracks - nice!

all time top 5:
1. afrika bambaataa - planet rock
2. grandmaster flash - the message
3. whodini - magic's wand
4. run dmc - hit it run
5. original concept - can you feel it

five spots in sydney to go to for a first time visitor:
arthur's pizza! (paddo)
opera house & harbour bridge in one - take 5 and just marvel
respecta selecta or wiggle party! (moulin rouge, kings x)
harbour cruise to watsons bay on sunday - take in the views & eat barbecued tuna steaks!
acetate records, off crown st - on thursdays go see jeff & get the fresh new shit!

sydney 19/06/04

played my last gig in sydney yesterday at the fringe. night started with a concert by jade macrae and toon & ricky albert on the decks. jade is a local singer with a great voice and accompanied by her amazing band she`s playing the fringe regularly every friday night. check it out when you`re around + it`s a great place to go to anyway! had lots of fun on the decks and meeting some of the lovely people i got to know quite well during the last 45 days.
later this day i will go to the cricketers, the loft and a night called "wiggle", which is quite popular here, to meet some friends and say good bye.

cologne 05/07/04

back now since two weeks with a lot of great memories. love & big shouts to toon & james @ lateral, georgia, ben gilmour, michal & michelle, ricky, trev, gordon, kaman, catja, anna, tone & morgane, rudiger & christine, ben @ bondi fm, jeff & anthony, the lovely lizzies, paul, the gilmour & the psaltis family, katrin, dave, miles & zoe, mark murphy, peter glass, kano, rainer truby, ati & saskia, russ dewbury, sandra, ajay, kim, ali, nathan, james & rob, mo`horizons, mirabai & all the other really nice people i met on my trip. take care & see you again soon!

first gig, right after touchdown: son
of respecta selecta @ moulin rouge

flyer flipside: dj toon at work

petra @ the airport//flying//relaxed on the plane//singapore

right after touchdown: first sunrise//with toon at bondi beach//
record hunting @ the street market//"hotel toon"

gig @ moulin rouge//andi & esther//bjoern & britta from cologne

after hour @ peter glass's place

some shots that just had to be taken ...

gig @ tris elies

@ tris elies: dave, toon & ati// regal
zoe//peter glass

blue mountins: @ dave's house//miles learning how 2 scratch
toon & flava dave//myself

lovely liz & toon @ the loft

@ bondi fm

ben gilmour

going to ayres rock

another nice sunrise in sydney

trevor parkee @ radio 2ser//meeting sandra from cologne
meeting mark murphy//nu jazz for the jet set @ the
criketers arms hotel: ben gilmour, trevor parkee,
gordon watson, huw

gig in melbourne: kano on the decks//myself
with james & toon, promoting the tour// more
visitors from cologne//mo'horizons @ work

mo'foh in a cab to melbourne airport

arriving in brisbane => byron bay: another airport//
another wait for a lift//another nice dinner//
another sunset. hard life on the road ...

gig in byron bay @ the great northern hotel

two of the lovely dancers & promoter tone

meanwhile backstage


tone & myself having breakfast on the beach

byron bay

lovely mirabai

boys and their cars -good bye byron bay

gig in brisbane: local jazz dj jason//back 2 back session in a tiny
dj booth//toon @ night//toon in the morning, still sleeping on his
blanket after we carried him into the hotel lobby

good morning brisbane

flow motion @ bondi hotel: russ dewbury//toon
& ricky albert//georgia & ralf//ali omar

last shot before leaving to the airport:
toon & myself good bye mo`horizons

melbourne//dinner with ennio styles//ennios cat//
radio show at rrr

first floor//@ work//dance floor//sophie

dinner with rainer//dancer @ revolver//lovely anna//lovely jess

some friends showing up to the farewell gig at the fringe

@ the fringe

bye bye australia ;-)