cologne 15/11/04

welcome to my little brasil tour diary. right now i`m still in cologne having plenty of work with the launch of my record label before i leave on tuesday night. also i`m suprisingly just doing a little cd burning session as in the first club i`ll dj at it`s not possible to set up turntables. this will be a real challenge for mr. vinyl vibes ... well let`s see how it goes.
again i`s just 20 kilo luggage allowed on the plane, but at least that keeps me away from carrying around too many records ;-). next to first time visiting this great country who`s music i`ve always loved and collected i`m also excited to get to know some people i yet only know from emailing. will meet some recently made friends as well like drumagick who played at my club two weeks ago.
as soon as possible i will update this site with pictures and storys from my trip, so please check back if you like to.

são paulo 19/11/04

in são paulo since wednesday morning and had a splendid time so far. the flight was not exactly perfect for me as we had to fasten our seatbelts in the middle of the night to experience some turbulences over the ocean... . so i arrived pretty tired and spend my first day recovering and catching some sleep. starting to explore são paulo on thursday turned out to be quite exciting though considering the citys size (population about 20 million) i probably did not see to much yet.
went clubbing in the evening with my host fabian to find out a bit about são paulos infamous nightlife. we started at "kiss me", a new venue where i will dj in two weeks. hooked up there with bruno e and dudão, two truly lovely fellas who are also the heart and soul of são paulos just arising nujazz scene. after having had a couple of drinks together we decided to continue the night in a popular mainly gay place near to our house called "a loca". right on arrival i have a funny conversation with this guy who starts giving me some compliments. after he found out that i was not gay - which i thought would clear the situation - his disappointment was only of short duration and he simply just offered me to kiss his girlfriend instead (who did not seem to be to disinclined either). was quite amused but could gladly resist their offer. met a lot more really funny people and had a very pleasent first night out.
am intent on my first gig tonight as it will be my first time ever playing just with cd players which not only means a lack of experience but also a lack of selection for me.

são paulo 20/11/04

played at "sarajewo" last night and really enjoyed it. bruno e played before and it was the first time for me to hear him dj. he easily filled the dance floor and played a great mixture of old and new tracks making me feel even more sorry about not having my records with me for a bigger variety in selection. check bruno out when he’s on tour in europe beginning next week!
i decided to start my set with some jazzy beats by jerzy milian and continued the eastern europe introduction with bemibek bemibem as i thought it to be funny to play some bossa style music but with polish vocals. the crowd later really enjoyed dancing to ye:solar’s "hithot" - which of course made me extra happy ;-) and after a little techy deep house excursion (quite unusual for me) i ended with sleepwalkers "into the sun" having had a pleasant two houres on my first gig in brasil. hooked up with tim adams, carlos alberto (dj negrulho) and others and managed to get well through my first ever "no vinyl" gig.
sarajewo itself is a popular venue that was nice to visit. next to our floor there was also a really cool band playing a mixture of dub and jazz, a lounge and a kind of living room floor where -next to other styles - they played some old latin records.
took some pictures that i will put online as soon as possible.

são paulo 22/11/04

flying to rio for a couple of days ...

rio de janeiro 23/11/04


rio de janeiro 29/11/04

spent some relaxing days in rio de janeiro and sao paulo meeting and getting to know a lot of people, going mad on record hunting or just hanging out at the beautiful rio beaches. it’s probably impossible not to fall in love with this city when arriving here the first time since rarely a place in the world has been kissed by nature as much as this wonderful one full of mad bus drivers, fitness center addicts, football players & fans, beautiful girls, strandeds from all around the globe, dancers, traders ...
had a last dinner with bruno e before he left to tour europe. would have loved to spend more time with him listening to his djing or chatting about music, life and brasilian records. we were just talking about the last subject in a little restaurant in sao paulo when - as if ordered - a street trader came in with a kind of hawker’s tray full of brasilian vinyl he was offering to me for sale. everybody was laughing his ass of as this had never ever happened to any of them before and even more when i managed to pull out an extremely rare osmar milito disc that i purchased for 10 real (3 euros). lucky me!
as told i later left sao paulo to hang out a bit in rio de janeiro. staying at wulfis place, a friend from cologne that back home i used to spend quite a few evenings with listening to his great collection of brasilian music, drinking caipirinha and talking about brasil. what a pleasure now meeting him here and being his guest. he took me to a lot of record shops that nearly drove me mad with a great variety of records i always wanted to have. also he introduced me to bo anderson, who i knew as a recording artist for the tru thoughts label under the name maga bo. he`s now living in a nice little roof terrace apartment near to ipanema beach where we spent an evening having drinks, joking and listening to music. i always used to play his latest record "tudo bem" in the clubs and was looking forward to finding out what he would be like in person. he turned out to be extremely lovely and also gave me some fresh stuff he just had produced. i loved and immediately played it the following day when returning to sao paulo for one night to dj at a nice little place called bar 8. after the gig where I got to know two more lovely fellas, local dj tahira and alain patrick, who´s writing for online magazine beatz, we all went to lov.e where dj marky has his residency on thursday nights, to have a couple of more drinks and listen to some drum´n´bass. Lov.e is a nice club with a good soundsystem and a funny vip backstage room with red flokati on the walls and gold colored bed like couches. if those walls could have talked, they`d have some storys to tell, i`m sure ...
went back to rio to get to know more about the city and to find out about it´s nightlife. last subject turned out to be a bit disappointing as it comes to underground clubs and after having spent main parts of the night in a cab driving from one place to the next looking for some non mainstream sounds me and some friends ended unsuccessfully at copacabana beach to enjoy the sunrise with a last drink. at least this view would propitate anybody with a slight lack of musical diversity in nightlife.
will spend a few more days around before finishing the holiday part of this journey and playing some clubs in sao paulo, vinhedo and brasilia.

são paulo 02/12/04

played at amp galaxy yesterday. the night was called "musicnow!" and set up by tim adams who´s just starting to bring international artists like jazzanova, king britt or osunlade to brasil. though it was not too crowded i had a lot of fun and very much enjoyed the night. it took a while to get everybody dancing, especially as a camera team from a national tv channel did a short live stream which set the place in a slightly uncomfortabel atmosphere with all the bright spotlights. but once things where rolling people where not to stop and i played a long set going through all the different styles. i even played a reggae tune ... everybody knowing me a little closer knows how unbelievable that is
back in rio the day before i hooked up with maga bo again to exchange some music. he really loved the ye:solar tracks as well and gave me some more of his fresh stuff some of what i will for sure play on my gigs to come. did an interview for beatz magazin and explored more of the beautiful city that i allready miss. went to the museum in niteroi and saw one of the most amazing sunsets ever (really wish i had brought my camera) when sitting there watching rio on the other side of the water and the sun going down between the hills ... will for sure return one day!
have another day of now to see some friends, look for some records and hook up with drumagick tonight who just came back from their tour in europe.
have been a bit lazy taking photos, but there are some to come soon.

a few questions to bo anderson

maga bo
musican for 20 years, producer for 10 years, dj for 5 years

located at:
rio de janeiro

anti combate fm 103,3 in rio de janeiro

in the pipeline:
brazil tour with sonar calibrado in february. live laptop mix to be
released in january. maga bo vs. piveti release early next year.

recent top 5:
1. "ready for it (featuring goldfinger)," mark one, one way [planet-mu
2. "maqam,"cotaire k lebanese, [nocturne 2003]
3. "senor presidente," los mocosos, american us, [six degrees 2004]
4. "ventilador r-80," ojos de brujo, bari [world village 2002]
5. "kleva," mapaputsi, kleva, [ghetto ruff 2004]

all time top 5
1. "i.t.t. (part 2)," fela kuti, [1980]
2. "taschenrechner," kraftwerk, komputerwelt, [1981]
3. "keep on dubbing," augustus pablo, king tubby meets rockers uptown,
[yard music 1989]
4. "sex machine," james brown
5. "fight the power," public enemy, fear of a black planet, [def jam

5 spots in rio to go to for a first time visitor:
1. arpoador for the sunset
2. feijoada on sunday, santa teresa
3. friday night on the street in lapa
4. mangueira escola de samba ensaio, saturday
5. corcovado

vinhedo 03/12/04

what can i say ... wrong place ... just don´t mention vinhedo.

são paulo 06/12/04

flying to brasilia in a couple of houres. lookig forward to playing there tonight. more soon.

brasilia 06/12/04

arrived in brasilia today and was happy to see some sky and green again after several days in mega city sao paulo. a lot was allready written about the unusal architectual structure of this city with all it`s sectored build up and the amazing buildings, so that should not be a subject of this diary. but it`s definitely worth checking it out, maybe via google, a good book ... or maybe just via ;-)
was picked up at the airport by henrique and fernando, two great guys, one the promoter and the other one the resident dj of a night called "deep house culture". it`s the only existing of this kind in brasilia and running quite successfully since a while on monday nights. so i was the first international guest they invited. i of course do not really play deep house but both showed big interest and enthusiasm about european leftfield labels like compost, stereo deluxe or sonar kollektive as well and were looking forward to hearing how this kind of sound would fit into their night.
due to very good promotion there was even people from belo horizonte showing up to hear me play and the night turned out to be big fun. a lovely open minded crowd enjoyed dancing to all kind of styles like broken beats, afro & nu jazz and i myself enjoyed taking a little journey through the various rhythms & beats found in my record box.
at the end everyone gave applause and i had nice little chats with some people that were very interested in what i played and european leftfield club culture.
took a walk through the city for a couple of houres the next day before henrique brought me back to the airport, including doing a little sightseeing on the way.
could have stayed longer!

a few questions to tahira

name: tahira (alexandre tahira)

dj since: 93

located at: sao paulo – brazil

residencies: skye @ hotel unique, music now @ amp galaxy (monthly)

prefered music styles: eclectic jazz-funk-soul-afro-brazuca-latin spectrum

in the pipeline: a internet radio show doing eclectic music. a selecta with two goals. introduce to brazilians what´s been happeing in broken beat scene and introducing to foreign new obscure not recognize music from brazil. hope did it soon.

recent top 5:
01-quantic - dont joke with a grungy man (seiji club sandwich) (tru thoughts)
02-ye:solar - hit hot (vinyl vibes)
03-parte um - 11:35 post meridium (test)
04-deyampert - held him first (sonar kollektiv)
05-karl denson - elephants (freestyle)

all time top 5: (no order)
chaka khan - i know I live you
cannonball adderley - capricorn
nuyorican soul feat george benson - you can do it
milton nascimento - cravo e canela
donna mcgee - mr blindman
cama de gato - cama de gato

5 spots to go to for a first time sao paulo visitor:
1. saravejo - good to dance and drink. not a fancy place, but its work !
2. dubversao soundsystem - happen once per month. during the day. for free. can happen in any street in sao paulo. really good music. in hot days. the best thing to do.
3. churrascaria - if you like meat. good place to go. eat as much you can.
4. second hand records stores - a lot of good music for cheap price. a quite dusty, but it for a good cause !
5. downtown - a complete mixture of everthing. totally messy. a real sample what sao paulo is. rich and poor. old and new. people, street market, food, architeture, etecetera.

são paulo 07/12/04

my last night in sao paulo & brasil, playing at "kiss me". this one was arranged by the superjazz crew (that also runs the friday nights at sarajewo), in cooperation with a brasilian jazz magazine and radio eldorado. quite a lot of people showed up and i was happy to meet a lot of friends once more that i got to know during my stay, like dudao, tahira, claudia & tim adams from nujazz productions, mari & jr from drumagick, alain from beatz magazin, my host fabian & his lovely girlfriend camila or rafa from radio eldorado who i used to dj with at amp galaxy (and who`s also coming to europe summer 2005, so anybody interested in booking a good dj between nu beats & house should contact me ...).
my gig was probably not the best ever (also caused by the fact that the dj booth in the clubroom of "kiss me" is set up in a way that you cannot not see the audience and the reactions on the dancefloor ... ?!?) but it was a good night and nice to see everybody again before going back to europe.

sunrise over brasil // landing in sao paulo // "hotel fabian"

meeting dudao & bruno e (djing) @ "kiss me"

first gig @ sarajewo - local band // fabian & friends from sao paulo// dancefloor

some impressions of sao paulo


landing in rio de janeiro (no that's not polution, just dirty windows on the plane)

home sweet home // my host wulfi from cologne // having a coco @ ipanema

sunset @ ipanema beach

maga bo // record shopping in rio // @ amp galaxy: tahira & fabian // lovely ali

camila @ amp galaxy // having an after work late night snack: tahira & fabian //
tim adams // rafael & dudao

clubbing @ lov.e: mari & renata // ... // jr from drumagick & dj andy//
claudia & myself

deep house culture @ gate`s pub/brasilia: myself + resident djs oblongui & vareja

some nice people @ gate`s pub + a couple of photos from brasilia
(unfortunately a little bit cloudy right on time when i took the pics)

on the last night @ kiss me: dudao // tahira // going home ...